It All Starts with Ingredients

At Deux Derme, we believe that skin care is only as good as its ingredients.  We feel strongly that only the best and most important ingredients should be placed on our skin, and our team works tirelessly to find the best plant extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and organic compounds on the globe.  Our story began in the Splugen Pass in Switzerland where we initially discovered the skin care benefits of the Marrubium Vulgare plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family.  The researched benefits and results were phenomenal and put Deux Derme into the minds of consumers worldwide.  We’ve now discovered hundreds of other successful plant-derived ingredients that serve as the living core of our exclusive line of skin products

Expert Curation and Responsible Harvesting

The research experts at Deux Derme work to find the perfect combination of ingredients that make our formulas so well respected internationally.  It begins with the responsible harvesting of different plants from around the world.  Which means we not only ensure our ingredients are grown with the highest quality possible, but that we care about the renewal and conservation of the world’s natural resources.  Dedication to the growth of so many plant-based ingredients and meticulous attention to the high threshold of quality that we demand for such plants to be used in our products, is another reason why our customers are so satisfied.

"I use Deux Derme to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, age spots, and fine lines & wrinkles." Dr. Daria Minina, MD - University of Ulyanovsk, Russia

World-Class Formulation

Years of research from our leading experts has gone into each of our proprietary formulas.  Understanding the symbiotic and holistic relationship between each of the ingredients in our formulation takes an immense amount of expertise and dedication to quality.  Our team not only performs research into the effects of each ingredient and the combination of ingredients together, but performs numerous tests and quality control measures to ensure we deliver the highest level of quality is in every product.

Cruelty-Free Testing

We NEVER test on Animals.  At Deux Derme we are vehemently against the inhumane treatment of animals, and believe that successful quality control testing can be done without harming animals by utilizing the latest in laboratory technology.  All of our products are Cruelty-Free and Vegan.

Passionate Team Members

Deux Derme is built on the passion and dedication of our team members. Each person possesses a relentless passion in delivering the best possible products and satisfaction to our customers worldwide.

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